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How to Rent Your Dubai Marina Property

How to Rent Your Dubai Marina Property

Renting Dubai Marina Properties…


Questions about Trident Dubai Marina


What Do Tenants Look For In A Potential Home?

Looking for Dubai Marina PropertiesWhether tenants are looking for Dubai Marina Properties or not, a renters approach to the market is not so different to that of a Buyers psychi. The tenant maybe a short term ‘stayer’ but they still pay attention to detail just as much as a Buyer does. The following basic key points are ones that a Landlord has under their control that potential Tenants assess when looking for a new home…

  1. Rental Price (Value against Price – Affordability)
  2. Payment Terms (Flexibility of Payment – Affordability)
  3. Parking Spaces (2 is optimum)
  4. Property Presentation (Clean & Well Maintained)
  5. Property Maintenance Responsibility (Up Keep other than wear & tear)
  6. Tenancy Contract (Appropriate Ejari Tenancy Contract)
  7. Fees – Agent, Utility etc

Top Tips To Rent Trident Dubai Marina Properties or any property!


Tenancy Terms

Trident Dubai Marina Properties Check-listEverything with regards the Tenancy terms, as a Landlord, are in your control. An inflexible Landlord spells trouble to a potential Tenant so be prepared to negotiate terms. You may think you hold ALL the cards but if you don’t rent your property within 30 days… you are then counting the costs of being without a Tenant in your property. Refer to my previous article on ‘How Set A Property Property Rental Price’


Choose A GOOD Agent!

A Good Trident Dubai Marina Properties AgentYou have to choose a GOOD Agent no matter what property you are Renting

They have to illustrate to you that they know about your property, it’s benefits, features & amenities. If an Agent can not describe to you these simple things then they are NOT the Agent for you. 



Showing Your Property 

SHOWING Privacy Policy for Trident DUBAI MARINA Properties


If you have chosen a good Agent they will show your property. They are also effective at answering tricky questions plus they will receive a commission for the work they do. So leave it to them. 





Bad Smells

Dubai Marina Crossed OffBad smells are a MASSIVE turn off for prospective tenants.

Don’t just cover them up, fix the source of the smell. Clear drains, wash bins, open windows, air the kitchen from old cooking smells and bring in ‘Pest Control’ if your building has an issue.

A really good way to neutralise smells naturally is to put out bowls of ground coffee. Coffee grinds, for whatever reason, absorb bad smells and odour. Try it and smell the difference!


Good Smells

Good Trident Dubai MArinaGood smells can make a property feel like an alluring home so invest some time in making your home smell nice. After cleaning etc invest in ‘Wall Plug’ air-fresheners to keep the apartment smelling fresh between viewings.

Good smells trigger the brain in a very positive way so take advantage of it!



Fix It

Fixing Trident Dubai Marina


Make any and ALL minor repairs necessary – holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles, dull floors etc. After all, Dubai Marina Properties are premium premium properties so treat them as such!

Tenants want to move in without any hassle(s) so do the right thing before viewings begin. Your property WILL rent faster.



And Clean It!

Cleaning Trident Dubai Marina


Clean everything until it is truly clean.

Get rid of lime-scale, clean and repair tile grout and get rid of all odours. A clean property speaks volumes to a potential tenant. 




Do all the above and this is what you will have…

Trident Dubai Marina

In Closing…

If you are serious about Renting your property and want to achieve your target rental price…the bottom line is…you have to make the effort to present your property in the best possible light and using the best possible Agent/Agency you can find.

If you own a Trident Dubai Marina property, the good thing is, at TotallyTrident.Com, we know how to sell a Tenancy proposal & present your property & community the way a ‘brand’ should be. Contact Us or Submit your property for Listing



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