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General Word Meanings:

  • TTC, We, refers to: TotallyTrident.Com, its employees, officers, or assigned parties.
  • Site, refers to: TotallyTrident.Com
  • Visitor, you, refers to: YOU, the user of this site
  1. Terms
    By accessing and remaining on the site of TTC you agree to be bound by the following terms & conditions and in the entiretyof this page. You further agree to be bound by all applicable laws, regulations and are responsible for the compliance therein.If these terms are not agreeable to you then TTC gives you formal notice that you are prohibited from using or accessing this site.This site is protected by standard international Copyright and Trade Mark laws
  2. License & restrictive use
    TTC grants permission for all materials displayed on this site to be used by the visitor for personal consumption, temporary download and general non-commercial use. This permission is not a transfer of title for any materials displayed.
  3. Visitor responsibilities
    TTC is not a real estate agency. The service provided by TTC is directly to the Owners of Trident International Property and not to any Agency of any descript.Owners are responsible for preparing the details of their property for market promotion.Inquiries will be fielded by TTC and passed to the the Owner(s) of the relevant property.Only properties properly verified by TTC will be allowed to be displayed on this site. Verification includes, but is not limited to; Proof of Identity, Proof of ownershipVisitors to this site are responsible for making their own inquiries and TTC provides no guarantee or accepts any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained within specific property details.Visitors are responsible for checking, confirming and satisfying themselves as to the accuracy of any information and details contained therein.

    Visitors, should they seek to purchase or rent a property displayed on this site, are responsible for, but not limited to: obtaining legal advice before committing to any purchase/rental agreement.

    Acting in good faith at all times is the responsibility of the visitor(s) to this site and TTC accepts no responsibility as to the actions of any immediate or third party accessing this site.

  4. Limitation of liabilities
    TTC under no circumstances will be responsible for any damages incurred, including but not limited to: Data loss, monetary loss or any other loss of any descript arising through the inability to use or access this site for its intended purpose. TTC will not be responsible for Fraud perpetrated by a third party.
  5. Revisions and errata
    Although TTC strives for the 100% accuracy of the content displayed, information contained on this site may contain errors; technical, typographical, pictorial etc and therefore TTC does not warrant the full accuracy of all the materials displayed within this site. Content changes may be made by TTC at any time and without notification so it is important for visitors to ensure they have date specific information before making any decision to make an inquiry or to pursue a purchase/rental.
  6. Accessibly of this website
    TTC strives t ensure this site is up and running 24/7 and that visitors have continual uninterrupted access to it. However, there may be times when site maintenance is required that could cause interruptions. TTC warrants to keep this to a minimum.TTC hosts via a 3rd party and as such interruptions may be experienced from time to time that are out of our control. Such interruptions often occur without prior notice, however, they do not generally last for long.
  7. 3rdparty links & advertisements
    This site from time to time may contain 3rd party internet links to other service providers or websites. TTC has no control over the functioning of 3rd party sites; products, services or integrity and it is the sole responsibility of visitors leaving this site via a link, to ensure its legitimacy and suitability. A link or advertisement displayed on this site should be considered as an endorsement of any kind or descript.
  8. Modifications to this sites Terms of Use
    TTC may revise and make changes to its terms of use at anytime without prior notice or forwarding notification. Visitors to this site agree to be bound by the current ‘real time’ version of the Terms & Conditions for Users.
  9. Disclaimer
    TTC provides content and materials on an ‘as is’ basis and makes no warranties; expressed, implied or otherwise and further disclaims any warranties, promises (verbal or otherwise) made by 3rdparties, as to this sites content or materials; authenticity, accuracy or integrity.However, TTC do guarantee that the listings verified by way of supporting legal documentation from the Owner/Landlord; Proof of Ownership and Proof of Identity, are genuine. TTC for its part, however, can not guarantee the availability of a promoted property once displayed.
  10. Governing law
    TTC is internet based but domiciledin the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It is therefore governed by the Laws of England & Wales in respect of any claims made against it.
  11. Reporting
    All properties displayed on this site are a fair reflection of the property being promoted. If any visitor to this site disagrees with any materials or content displayed, whether that be of a fraudulent or misleading nature, TTC asks that you immediately report it to the TTC support team via our Contact Page and it will be immediately investigated and action taken were appropriate.
  12. TTC Rights
    TTC reserves the irrevocable and absolute right to change, suspend or discontinue any part of this site or the services offered, including a visitors access to it.